Saturday, November 11, 2006

INXS Needs You Tonight

If you like the band INXS then you will lover this advergame I found called Bang The Drum. In the game players are given an aerial view of a 13-piece drum kit. The popular INXS song I Need You Tonight starts playing. As the song is playing pieces of the drum kit are highlighted and the object of the game is to hit the drum or cymbal as it is highlighted. You must hit the each piece in rhythm with I Need You Tonight. If at any time you miss a drum or do not play on rhythm you are given a strike, three strikes and you're done the game.

I was thoroughly impressed with this advergame for many reasons. First of all, the game is addicting and as fun as a
ny advergame I've ever played. I big reason for this is probably because I Need You Tonight is such a catchy song. I literally found myself dancing at my computer while playing the game. I also think the game has a viral quality to it. Not only is it addicting, but also the game encourages players to send the game along to friends. I was also impressed with the games relevancy to the band. I can't think of a better form of online advertising then to actually let people play along with one of the bands most popular songs. The game also takes advantage of marketing opportunities for things other than the band. For example, the cymbals that players hit in the game are clearly Sabian cymbals, one of the top companies in the drum kit industry.

Any band or artists who has a new album coming out should take a hint from INXS. Advergames cannot only increase awareness of band or album but can also involve the consumer in the music. I encourage everyone out there to try this game and see if you're not dancing at your computer by the end of it.


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