Saturday, November 04, 2006

Getting Super with Monkey Ball

Do you remember the Nintendo Gamecube? Probably not. But, I remember it because one of my frinds had it in high school and one of the games I remember playing on it was the Super Monkey Ball Adventure. While the game may sound a little juvenile, it was actually quite entertaining. It really only conisited of a bunch of mini games played as... you guessed it, monkys in plastic balls. I found n online version of the game and was impressed with how similiar the online game was to the real game.

Super Mokey Ball Mini is an online game that promotes the Super Monkey Ball Adventure video game for PSP, Playstation 2, and the Nintendo GameCube. The game is just one of the mini games played in the real game. This is a great way to promote a video game via an advergame. It's like playing a trial of the game before you buy it. It's like seeing the preview for a movie before you go see it. From what I can remember of the level in the real game, the mini game is just like it. The object of it is to get the monkey to the "safe area" on a platform that you can move with your mouse. This advergame also provides a link to learn more about Super Monkey Ball Adventure which has a link where players can purchase the game.

Try this game. If you like it enough you can buy the video game. Good luck trying to find someone with a GameCube though.


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